We have quality Diode for diamond cutting laser machineries.
Hi-Tech Laser Diode
CW Output Power Po 75 W
Threshold Current Ith ≤10 A
Operating Current Io ≤22 A
Forward Voltage 21±1.5 V
YAG size Φ3*65 mm
Weight ≤1 kg
CenterWavelength 1064 nm
Light Height 40 or 45 mm
Dope of YAG crystal 0.8±0.1at%
RecommendCase Temperature 20±2 ℃
StorageTemperature Range -10~60 ℃
Northrop Laser Diode
The RBA CW pumped Nd:YAG laser module is an ideal building block in the development or production of medium power rod laser systems, the conversion of existing lamp-based laser designs to diode-pumping, or retrofit of existing arc lamp hardware to provide more stable and reliable operation.
Power1 75 W
Number of Diode Bars 12
Power Per Bar 20 W
Pump Power 240 W
Rod Type Nd:YAG
Rod Diameter 3 mm
Rod Length 73 mm
Diode Construction Silver Bullet (indium solder)
Operation CW
NRS Premium Plus Laser Diode
  • Small size, compact structure, aesthetic appearance
  • Water-cooled, easy to use
  • High stability and reliability
  • Proprietary driver for alternative
  • aser marking, laser cutting and
    other industry applications
Peak Wave λc 1024 nm
Output Power Po 75 W
YAG Center Height 44/40 mm
YAG Size Φ3×64 mm
YAG Terminal Flat/AR
Threshold Current Ith <7 A
Operation Current Io <30 A
Size(L*W*H) 82×88×69 mm3
Weight <1.3 Kg
Operation Temp. To 10~30 ℃
Storage Temp. Tstg -20~70 ℃
Cooling style Pure Water
Cooling Water Temp. 20 ℃
Cooling Water Flow >4.5 L/min
Cooling Water Pressure <50 PSI
GT Laser Diode
  • High-power
  • Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Compact
  • Long lifetime
  • Easy to use
Yag Diameter 3 mm
Output Power(w) 75 W
Operating ourrent(A) 29
LD Bias(V) <18
Laser Parts
Polorizer Plate
Protect Lens
Input / Middle Lens
Front / Back Mirror
Beam Expander
Watt Meter
Power Supply